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Since the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom announced the lifting of some restrictions related to COVID-19 in early January, four countries in Europe have announced the relaxation or lifting of epidemic restrictions, namely the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, and Finland.

According to The Epoch Times, in early January this year, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the lifting of some restrictions in England and COVID-19 (CCP virus), such as vaccine passports, mask mandates, and restrictions on work. The Scottish and Welsh governments also announced the lifting of certain restrictions related to Omicron at the same time.

A few days later, the leadership of the Republic of Ireland also announced the lifting of preventive measures such as vaccination certificates, social distancing, indoor capacity limits and curfews.

Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin explained: “Humans are social animals, and we Irish are more social than most. As we look forward to this spring, we need to be able to see each other again, we need to be able to see each other’s smiles, we need to be able to sing again.”

Recently, Denmark and Finland have also begun to join the ranks of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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“No one knows what’s going to happen next December,” Danish Health Minister Magnus Heunicke told CNN on January 31. “But we promise the citizens of Denmark that we will only do so if it is really necessary. There will be restrictions on the virus. We will remove those restrictions as soon as possible, and that is what is happening right now. “

He also added that across the Nordic countries, measures such as vaccine passports in restaurants, bars, and other establishments due to the COVID-19 (CCP virus) outbreak, as well as the mandatory wearing of masks indoors, are ending. Denmark is the first EU country to lift all pandemic restrictions.

On the same day, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin told reporters that starting February 1, some restrictions on the COVID-19 outbreak will be eased this week, including restrictions on restaurants and sports facilities.

Separately, Finnish Justice Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson also said that the current implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine passport is unreasonable. Henriksson noted that the pandemic passport restricts the basic rights of those who have not been vaccinated, who have not received a negative test result, or who have the disease. In this context, implementing a vaccine passport is not appropriate, as it is now difficult to justify its necessity and proportionality.

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