Translated by: Ermat

As a person born in the Northeast, snow has become a part of my life, deeply into my blood. I have been away from home for many year.Thinking about my hometown, in addition to vegetables, pork and vermicelli, there is a deep longing for snow.

Snow is alive! Before it snows, the dark clouds are low, giving a very strong sense of oppression. When it snows, the snowflakes are flying, with some romantic cozy. After the snow, the snow is often accompanied by gale force winds, which are bitterly cold.

I like the snow most when there is no wind. The whole world seems to be quiet. The earth is covered with snow, and as far as the eye can see, there is white all around. The heavy snow covers and washes away all the stains. I stepped on the soft snow, making a click click click sound. At this moment, I can’t help but talk to my mind and forget about everything around me.

Just as ice skating is a compulsory physical education course in the northeast, this song “I love you, the snow in the north of the country” is also a compulsory part of every northeast child’s primary and secondary school repertoire. Although this song is not about the snow of the Northeast, I have an instinctive empathy and love for this song because I live in snow and ice for half of the year.

Mr. Guo’s song, “Snow of the Extermination of the Communist Party,” is majestic and inspiring. Each of us is a snowflake, an ambassador to exterminate the Communist Party. We are light and pure, and when we converge together, we are the blizzard that extinguishes the Communist Party and returns the world to pure white.