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On January 30th, Miles Guo reviewed the outstanding contributions made by the Whistleblower Movement in the response to the CCP virus and the CCP virus vaccine on the GTV Miles Grand Live. Miles said that the combination of the vaccine economy, vaccine politics and vaccine military has led to the vaccine disaster, which has forced the politicians who implemented vaccine mandate policy are currently planning wars.

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Recently in Washington, 17,000 doctors (including the inventor of the mRNA vaccine) united to reject the mandatory of the CCP virus vaccine and the speech delivered at the Lincoln Memorial was epic. Myocardial infarction or heart attack within 10 months (January-November 2021) increased by 269%, pericarditis increased by 175%, myocarditis increased by 285%, pulmonary embolism increased by 467%, cerebral infarction, Bell’s palsy, immunodeficiency, immune thrombocytopenic purpura, irregular menstruation, spontaneous abortion and others rose by at least 250%.

Only the Whistleblower Movement is at the forefront of the world. As early as June 2019, it was revealed that the CCP was going to use biochemical weapons in Hong Kong; in December of the same year, it was revealed that the CCP virus was out of control in Wuhan;  One that tells the world that the CCP virus is a biological weapon targeting the West, and keeps declaring that the CCP virus is not the objective but the CCP virus vaccine. What follows is the misleading of vaccine technology, vaccine media, vaccine economy, vaccine politics, and vaccine military led by the world’s dark forces. These elements combine and ferment, and eventually the CCP virus vaccine disaster will inevitably happen. According to the latest report, as long as people who have been taken the CCP virus vaccine will have a 50% chance of developing cancer or sudden death in the course that they do not take any medicine and detox. (refer to CCP virus patients will have more than 50% of getting cancer in the next 3-10 years) 

If the CCP virus vaccine has 10% mortality rate, between 600 million to 700 million people are about to die in the world, involving hundreds of millions of families, the arrival of the vaccine disaster will completely expose the politicians who issued the vaccine mandate, the sober, bloody and brave Westerners will surely rise and fight against it.

By then, not only the Ukraine war and the Taiwan Strait war prepared by Putin and Xi Jinping, the French Macron, British Johnson, Germany, Spain, and Italy politicians will need to shift the responsibilities away and prepare wars.

It is gratifying that those scientific journals that once represented human civilization but sang the praises of the CCP virus vaccine will also be on the Judgment stand after this vaccine disaster.


CCP Virus Vaccine (COVID-19 vaccine)
CCP Virus (Coronavirus, Covid-19)
We do not anti-vaccine, but fake vaccines
We do not anti-science, but those who are against humanity


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