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The New York Post published an excerpt of the new book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win by Peter Schweizer, a Breitbart News senior writer and president of the Government Accountability Institute. It described how the U.S. Big Tech firms colluded with the CCP, selling out the national interests.

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The book mentions several typical examples: In 2015, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg attended the official state dinner held at the White House by the Obama government for Xi Jinping. He asked Xi to give his child a Chinese name to bring a closer relationship with Xi. At the end of 2014, when hosting China’s top internet regulator Lu Wei at the office, Zuckerberg purposely kept Xi’s book “The Governance of China” on his office desk and said that he would buy this book for his colleagues to learn about “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” In 2017, Google announced the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Research Center in Communist China. Li Feifei and Li Jia led the center to help the CCP achieve a “great renaissance.” Also, to bring Tesla to build a factory in Shanghai, several China banks offered to lend Tesla $1.4 billion. In January 2019, Li Keqiang attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Tesla factory in Shanghai. He even offered Musk a permanent residency in the communist country. These examples further confirmed Miles Guo’s early revelations.

The Chinese Communist Party infiltrated U.S. Big Tech companies with “Blue, Gold, Yellow (control of the internet, gold, and sex)” tactics to steal technology, enticing and controlling the industry elites to sell out their country’s interests.


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