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As the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics approaches, the CCP has been trying to convey to the outside world that the contestants from various countries are enjoying their stay and showing their love for the Winter Games. But truth to be told, many European athletes have revealed to the media that they don’t like this Olympics at all. Many French athletes pointed out in an interview that Communist China is not a country with a skiing culture. In order to arrange the venue for the Winter Games, the Chinese regime has acted recklessly and destroyed more forest vegetation in order to create an artificial and unpleasant snow venue. The athletes commented that holding the Winter event in this way has caused serious ecological problems. They’d rather for the Olympic Committee to choose a different country that respects nature and the people to host the Games. In addition, some athletes from Sweden also said through media statements: International institutions should not have chosen the Chinese Communist regime to organize the Olympic Games. They’d prefer to compete in other countries.

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