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On January 30 local time, Taiwan media reported that Ling Tao, director of Kuomintang culture communication commission refuted CCP’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian regarding his disparaging remarks about Taiwan.

The report mentioned that previously, Taiwan Vice President Lai Ching-teh had a brief conversation with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris when he attended the inauguration ceremony of the new Honduran president. The interaction then prompted inexplicable condemnation from the CCP, whose foreign ministry spokesman even threatened to say that “Taiwan is just a province”.

In this regard, Ling Tao condemned Zhao Lijian, saying his comments contained nothing new other than to further exacerbate the cross-strait relations.

Ling re-emphasized that the Republic of China is a sovereign and independent country, which was founded in 1912 with the presidency. Moreover, the Taiwanese Constitution included a special chapter defining the presidential authority since its constitutional reform in 1948. After 1996, the president and vice president of Taiwan both have been directly elected by all the freedom-loving people in the Republic of China. Ling Tao pointed out that it has been agreed that both sides do not recognize each other’s sovereignty, nor deny each other’s right to rule. This is the basis for maintaining peace and interactive development of the Taiwan Strait for decades.  And the KMT will strictly condemn any malicious statements that harm Taiwan, aka, ROC.

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