Translated by:MOS Media Team – CloudSky

On January 29, Mr. Guo revealed that a top-ranking member of the PLA who had seen Xi Jinping a few times, lamented to his subordinates saying that the CCP’s army, that is, the PLA,  has been preparing for the attack on Taiwan for decades, but the rank-and-file level soldiers do not believe that the two sides will really go to war. The only people who still believe so are the senior PLA members and the Operation Department. In addition, these soldiers believe that even if the war really does break out, there is no chance for the CCP to win.

Mr. Guo pointed out that the CCP is a corrupt regime that rules the country based on shams and falsehood, and it has no core combat capability at all. Xi Jinping understands this situation, and yet he still is obsessed with the idea of invading Taiwan, even though none of the CCP’s inner circle believes they’d have any chance.

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