Written by: Potato

Translated by: billwilliam

Picture Source: ifeng.com

As reported by ifeng.com on February 2, 2022, an 8-year-old boy in Shandong Province insisted on kowtowing 100 times to his aunt by knocking his forehead on a steel bowl because his aunt agreed to pay him 40 RMB per kowtow. As shown in the video, the boy’s forehead was red from the kowtowing. The family’s elders laughed and asked the boy how he felt, yet the boy replied he felt getting rich! Everyone laughed.   

The news website ifeng.com even promoted the video on its homepage! Kneeling used to be a Chinese tradition to show respect to the elderly or as etiquette on important occasions. But now in Communist China, men no longer have a sense of dignity. Kneeling becomes a common practice, as people beg or fawn to the powerful, or even do this for entertainment. The common people who encounter injustice but cannot obtain solutions through complaints often kneel. Even the Chinese Communist Party’s high-ranking officials or celebrities kneel when they are under investigation. The propaganda on the boy’s kowtowing for money is educating children to become slaves!

Mr. Miles Guo swore in anger, “The people of the New Federal State of China should never be slaves!” He was tortured in jail because he refused to kneel to the CCP, but his courage won respect from his jailers. It is our tenacity and bravery that won recognition, acceptance, and respect for the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China. We will never kneel, never beg for mercy, and will fight bravely against the CCP. The CCP regime’s days are over.

Our compatriots, don’t kneel. Stand up and live with dignity! Stand straight up against tyranny!