Translated by: MOS Media Team – Fay

On Monday, Jan. 31, U.S. Senator Blackburn said on a media program that she looks forward to calling scientists who believe the CCP virus originated in a laboratory to testify before Congress, which she believes will be a path to discovery. She believes this is a very important part of the truth about the CCP virus.

 Blackburn said she expects Senate Health Committee Chairman Rand Paul to hold a hearing like this, bringing in silenced scientists and letting them speak freely about the fact that the CCP virus originated in a laboratory.  At the same time, Fauci must be made clear about how to participate in and fund virus enhancement experiments, as well as his corrupt relationship with Big Pharma.  Blackburn emphasized that if we want to get the final answer to the origin of the CCP virus before this year’s midterm elections, we must address the most critical question about the origin of the CCP virus.  The voices of righteous scientists who know scientific facts are especially precious.


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