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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is the first day of the lunar Chinese New Year of the Tiger. It is 11 am now, New York time — a very auspicious moment.

We spent a memorable yet legendary year of the Tiger Spring Festival together yesterday. Brother-7 sang some great songs — ‘the Snow in Northern Frontier,’ ‘Your Sweet Smile,’ and ‘Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain’ — which was really extraordinary and made a huge impact! The influence reached both in China and the world, internationally, the moon not included.

My gratitude goes again to Willian Wong, Tang Ping, QMAY, Ryan, and other fellow fighters who contributed to the show.

Yesterday’s grand live broadcast undoubtedly amazed many people from all walks of life in China. My phone has crashed because of all the text messages. I can’t read the messages, and I can no longer use the phone.

What are the most common reviews of our fellow fighters who attended the live broadcast yesterday? They all say that the technology, visual effects, and the viewer experience of this year’s show, especially the technology has improved a lot this time.

More importantly, our fellow fighters who appeared publicly on the live broadcast exhibited completely different personal qualities than last year and the year before. Such a team of the Whistleblower Movement let them see the hope of China.

Look at this brand-new leather jacket released this year, which comes in several colors.

In addition, what our fellow fighters who attended the live broadcast said on the air are more and more genuine. And many of them are professionals. This is really great.

And thirdly, yesterday our pal Hao Haidong (Chinese soccer star) told the “bra pulling” anecdote — hey, it’s nothing — “bra pulling” topic is on fire once again. What can you say? No matter what he does, Haidong can always catch the spotlight, as he did many times in the past. It’s inevitable, that’s his destiny.

This is him, a champion, the Asian footballer of the year, the “number-one-figure” in the Chinese soccer circle. He was born with influence and fame — that is him. His words can become buzzwords easily. What can you do about that? 

Shocking yet impressive! As every word of Brother Haidong and sister Ye Zhaoying (ex-badminton world champion) said is true and convincing. This is the power of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), which has no other parallel.

Also, have you noticed the NFSC, the piano on the scene, and the sets of clothes designed by Brother-7? Those who know fashion would understand. I said a few years ago that these costumes cost $20,000 each, which some people thought I was bragging about, right? Now have you seen one after another sets of “$20,000” fashion in front of you? The Chinese robe that Q-MAY wore costs $21,000 for seven yards of fabric.

We do not intend to show off our wealth. We just want to tell those so-called big-name hosts of CCTV (China Central Television) in China: you are all a bunch of liars, living a low-level life, with no value of life worth mentioning, and your taste of life is terrible. Except for a few big brands, most clothes you wear are all counterfeit goods. 

And our clothes are all original designs. Look at the leather, the best quality leather, sewed stitch by stitch. Feel it for yourself; this is 100% a Brother-7’s design. Right?

And look at this farm where I am, a several-thousand-acre farm, equivalent to tens of thousands of mu (in Chinese units of measurement). There is a golf course nearby. Yet CCP China is advertising that the “American Empire” is collapsing? How stupid is it?

Look at the sun, the birds chirping, and everything here!

The core of fashion culture is material, and design is the most important — that is the very essence.

Look at the fashion we showed yesterday, the overall state of our fellow fighters during the live broadcast, and do not forget the spiritual strength the three songs conveyed.

The CCP old bastards picked some garbage people, paid chicken feed to those attending the Winter Olympic Game, gestured this way and that way with the CCP-style clothes, which is disgusting and ugly.

The sports uniforms, produced in Wenzhou, are made of high chemical fiber cloth and chemical materials. It is totally garbage. The CCP can only bribe or buy off, having no spiritual pursuit at all.

As brothers and sisters have seen, yesterday we put on a big spiritual play, which allowed Ms. Teresa Teng (a Taiwanese singer, actress, and musician) to shine once again across the world, re-sparking memories in the hearts of Chinese people with her song ‘Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain’, right? 

As well as the song ‘the Snow in Northern Frontier’. It was said this song ‘the Snow in Northern Frontier’, as you may know, originated from Errenzhuan (an art form that originated in Northeast China) and a local opera from Jiangsu Province. Hence, it was a combination of Northern and Southern Chinese cultures.

Brother-7 grew up with the influence of Errenzhuan, plus I can sing some Henan opera, so I picked up the song quickly, right? Singing the song is a result of the accumulation of my past experiences.

That is why yesterday’s live broadcast could again be so powerful. This is the NFSC — every day is different. In Chinese-style English, it is called “Day-Day-Up”; “Good-Good-Study, Day-Day-Up” means gaining ground every day.

And then it had a great impact on the Western world too! I will say no more. You will see. 

Actually, more people have decided to withdraw from participating in the Winter Olympics since yesterday, and more countries will initiate new bills to punish the evil CCP. Instead, have you seen how much respect we have gained from the world? How many people want to establish contact with us and recognize the NFSC?

Brothers and sisters: Who has kept us all from our homes, separated us from our families, put our lives at stake with great threats and fearful exploitation in politics, economics, life and physical safety? It is the evil CCP!

It has turned Chinese people into an ignorant, stupid, narrow-minded crowd that only cares about eating and drinking, who lives a life worse than dogs and pigs. Without destroying the CCP, there would be no justice in the world, and I would no longer believe in the power of the heavens and the sun.

Snow will melt, and spring will come — the “Tian-Mi-Mi (Sweet as Honey) Movement” will activate another unprecedented peaceful political and cultural movement that combines high technology, spirituality, faith, religion, and media communications.

Are you ready, brothers and sisters — to embrace the “Tian-Mi-Mi Movement?”

The CCP old bastards: You are finished!

Brothers and sisters: when you see all the progress we have made till now, you must realize the dedication and sacrifice of countless fellow fighters in China. 

Just right now, there are still many people working at the forefront for the “Tian-Mi-Mi Movement”. These fellow fighters are those who have high IQ, high EQ, advanced education, and robust faith. They are the real great people among our compatriots.

Let me reiterate again: anybody involved in the “Tian-Mi-Mi Movement” will be granted Himalaya Coin and “Lying-Flat Coin” that will be issued in the future.

See my gesture? “Clap- Clap- Clap”

Your life will become so graceful — modern yet classical — just like the piano music played by Q-MAY that day. It will stun all those ignorant and foolish souls and wake up those “zombies” whom the CCP has brainwashed.

The reason we live for, the world that we have — just like the G-Fashion I am wearing — no one else can have. Everything is original, created by us. And the infinite glory goes to you all. Like the song I sang, it will resonate on the earth forever.

Well, I have not yet practiced vocalizing this morning.

🎵 I love you ~ the snow that extinguishes the Chinese Communist Party, roaring all over the mountains ~

Oops, it sounds good, right?

It is my first singing in this lunar Chinese New Year, and it is dedicated once again to you. Another “first” of mine goes to you.

I have been paying attention to our fellow fighters. That soccer player from Liaoning Province, Dalian, I am keeping a close eye on you. 

So adorable. Fellow fighters: each of you are adorable!

Time is up. I will do a live broadcast when I have time. I am sorry to those fellow fighters who did not have the chance to appear in the grand live broadcast yesterday. There will still be many opportunities in the future.