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Foreign Media reported on February 1: Financial giant Soros pointed out in a recent speech at Stanford University that Xi Jinping, the leader of Communist China faces a number of crises, including the ineffective Covid-19 vaccine, the domestic real estate crisis, and the decline in the birthrate.

Image Source: NFSC News

According to Soros, the booming of Communist China’s real estate is based on a model called “pumping off the water to fish”. This model gave the CCP authorities a taste of sweetness, therefore, they are motivated to encourage people to invest their savings in real estate. However, a series of problems were triggered by this model, such as defaulting of developer debts, falling property prices, and insufficient market demand. Since last year, these problems started leading to a comprehensive cooling off of Communist China’s real estate market, which now is on the verge of collapse. In addition, Soros also revealed that he is pessimistic about Xi Jinping’s desire for a successful re-election. Soros’s opinion is based upon the recent dark tides within the CCP, the growing anti-Xi forces, and various other problems that Xi Jinping is unable to solve.


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