In the essence of what makes Putin act and dare to act is because Xi Jinping and the Chinese people have given economic support to Putin. We must first destroy the CCP.

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights 2022.1.30 The Comprehension and the Stance of Europe on Situations in Ukraine and Taiwan


When our partners in Europe [spoke] about stopping the global vaccine disaster, all of the Europeans recognized it as well. He said if Putin invades Ukraine, if Putin conquers Ukraine that will foster the war finale between Europe and the CCP. I asked what does that viewpoint meant? I said [the Europeans] would be too busy by then. That you should handle the expansion to the Ukraine. Aren’t you Europeans pushing the eastern frontier? The CCP wishes to push eastwards to Taiwan and Europe wishes to go east towards Russia.

If there is a clash in Ukraine, you would become too occupied. He said in the essence of what makes Putin act and dare to act is because Xi Jinping and the Chinese people have given economic support to Putin. He said what will stop Europe from expanding to the east is in fact the two contracts the CCP gave to Putin. It was worth of 460 billion another is 480 billion of oil, 1 trillion [in total].

[Those help] developed their armaments and since the CCP are standing with them. Now Xi is to launch the so-called digital RMB and the internationalization of RMB. He said these have fueled Russia’s courage to attack the Ukraine. After they capture Ukraine not only the same will happen to Croatia, but he will also keep fighting the wars even towards Poland and possibly towards Austria and even the conquer of Germany is not to be seen as impossible. Europe is going to have to face a nightmare.

He said we must destroy this matter, the westward expansion of Russia. We must first destroy the CCP. After the CCP stop funding to Russia, then we go and fend off Russia. I said what excuses do they have. Did he think that it was [the time of] the Eight-Power Coalition? Did he imagine that the CCP would not destroy them easily after their entry? The CCP possess nuclear weapons. At this point, Europeans does not give a damn. He said that if the CCP dare to use nuclear weapons, they and the US will have a solution. They will only win and never lose. Not even a single chance for failure. Regular wars, electric wars, submarine battles, he said they will win for sure.

If the Americans join, the fight will only last for minutes. Now, they even have Australia and Japan together. Gosh, listen to this fellow fighter. Those who have some knowledge about international military will know. Australia belongs to Asia. In Asia, the real strong military power is Japan. Japan can conquer more than 30,000 military bases of the CCP within 5 minutes.

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