Translated by MOS: Education Team – Andrea

On Jan 28, 2022, the first wave of the Canadian Convoy of anti-vaccine mandate protesters arrived in Ottawa. In the extremely cold weather, thousands of Canadians stood on the side of the roads for hours, cheering for the Convoy, and providing food, drinks and necessities as part of the large scale of logic supply. It is quite inspiring and incredible to see such a happy scene decorated with cheers, flags in the wind, and people’s smiles after years of Canadian government’s pessimistic gloom and its proclamation of pending “winter of death”.

The truck convoy started from British Columbia in the west, Newfoundland in the east and Windsor, Ontario in the south, stretching for miles upon miles. The massive convoy also included cars, SUVS, vans and mini commercial trucks.  These protesters were met with cheering and waving from the crowds along the way on every highway.

During the past two years, the Canadian government has implemented strict lock-down and vaccine mandated policies. As a result, society was severely divided. The freedom convoy are reuniting all the freedom loving people together.  This is the voice and action of the people. It shows that populism is the key to a democratic system.

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