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Mr. Mile Guo swore to turn the Chinese Communist Party’s Beijing Winter Olympics into a “hibernation game” and explained through several perspectives that the event will be a complete debacle for the CCP, according to his live broadcast on February 2, 2022.

First, the City of Zhangjiakou is chosen as a site for the Winter Olympics because of deep political purposes. The CCP wants to let Beijing become a city that has hosted both Summer and Winter Olympics. There is also the economic motive that Hebei Province (where Zhangjiakou is located) aims for real estate development through the Olympics. Mr. Guo indicated his company once owned a few thousand acres of land in Chengde, Hebei Province in 1998, yet he returned the land after Communist China won the right to host the Winter Olympics. Many persons couldn’t understand why he returned the tracts of land while real estate value was about to skyrocket by hundreds or thousands of fold. In contrast, other real estate developers like Pan Shiyi, Country Garden, and Wang Jianli all bought up land aggressively.

Since the beginning, Mr. Guo didn’t believe the CCP could host the Winter Olympics successfully. Then Minister of State Security Mr. Geng even warned him not to make negative comments, “Miles, don’t tell your comments to outsiders. This is a big political play.” Mr. Guo has two reasons. First, he adamantly believes the CCP regime won’t last beyond the year 2022, or it will be half-dead by then. Second, he believes the City of Zhangjiakou is a barren piece of land with poor Fengshui or bad luck. “Only that area is different from all other places in Hebei. Its soil is spongy soil, so this area is not fit for major event, just like land at the foot of a volcano is not fit for building houses, no matter how romantic.” The Winter Olympics is completely for political deals and real estate development in Hebei Province. Dong Xiansheng, then Chief of the Police Bureau and a major proponent of the Olympics, is a running dog of Jiang Zemin’s family. For this Olympic Game, “its origin is evil and is the result of political deals. It is unscientific and unnatural and won’t be successful. The decision makers are destroyed.”

In addition, Mr. Guo explained from other perspectives that the Olympics is equivalent to the CCP’s suicide. Fellows of the Whistleblower Movement are everywhere in China, so they may obtain 24-hour security camera footages of all major Olympic sites. The outcome will be inconceivable if the footages are released. And 80% of the support staff at the Olympics are soldiers from the Chinese military.

Besides, the CCP has deployed three mandatory weapons around all Olympic sites to crack down on foreign athletes. The first weapon is taser. Years ago, Mr. Guo saw a demonstration of taser in the United States: Once trigger was pulled, the target fell to the ground in intense chest pain, as if dragged by a rope. Not believing the demonstration, Mr. Guo volunteered to be tasered and had personal taste of the weapon’s power. Now, the Beijing Winter Olympics is equipped with the most powerful taser. The second weapon is riot gear. The third weapon is even more intimidating, an incapacitating chemical weapon—a soundless, colorless, odorless sleep gas. Once released, the gas can render human unconscious for a dozen minutes within a radius of 500 meters. This is the CCP’s super weapon. Mr. Guo doubted, “If the Winter Olympics is a great festival for humankind, why would you use tasers and sleep gas?”

The Olympics is also an opportunity for the CCP to collect DNA from foreign athletes. Once the athletes use the provided comforters or enter Beijing, all of their information including DNA are collected. Of course, the athletes participating in the Winter Olympics are not the world’s top athletes but are instead folks trying to make some money. None of the professional athletes will participate in the event.

Whereas all kinds of emergency incidents are forecasted to erupt during the event, the deceptive CCP still aims to propagandize its Winter Olympics as an unprecedentedly perfect game. The regime doesn’t care how many people die or how many incidents occur, because the tone has been set to depict the CCP regime as infinitely great. 

Mr. Guo revealed there are three stages to the “Honey Sweet Movement.” The first battle is the authorized departure of diplomats in the US Embassy to China. The second battle is Mr. Guo’s three songs (“Honey Sweet,” “A Quiet Dream,” and “The Snow to Terminate the CCP”) to take down the CCP. The third battle is targeting the Winter Olympics. Mr. Guo vowed to turn the Winter Olympics into the CCP’s “hibernation game.” “Nobody understands the origin of the Winter Olympics, its soil structure, and its weakness. For the so-called 2.3 million rockets for artificial snowmaking, I am more powerful than the snowmaking rockets falling from the sky. I’ll defeat your plan. Let’s see if you don’t believe!” The CCP plans to launch 2.3 million snowmaking rockets during the Olympic games because Beijing and neighboring Zhangjiakou are rather dry areas without much snowfall, despite huge pollution to the environment. But Mr. Guo wants to defeat the CCP’s plan.    


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