Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – lilian89

At the New York Himalaya Mountain of Spices (MOS) Chinese New Year party on the evening of Jan. 29, Miles Guo talked about how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has Beijing’s Jinshan, Jinggang Mountain, Yan’an Pagoda, and Beijing Yuquan Mountain. The Chinese people only have a mountain of debt. Some people in China are asking for wage cuts, going to the front line to exterminate the CCP Virus for the CCP, and encouraging people to get vaccinated. People who are physically normal are given awards for disability eligibility. People who are going to war have never used any guns.

Mr. Guo hopes that his compatriots in China will have a Himalaya Mountain of Spicy, and a living environment like Mountain of Spicy.

Mr. Guo said that in the northeast of China and Gansu, the poor people’s homes have broken holes in the cooking pots, and the quilts that have been used for four years have not been changed.

However, people in Wang Huning’s office openly bribed Americans. It is reported that Wang Huning’s senior secretary, called the Americans and said, “We are buddies, let’s meet, why would you withdraw, I even prepared some furniture for you.”

Mr. Guo emphasized that the U.S. sent several medical planes to China that carried not only people, but also not only Americans, and possibly even Chinese people on the U.S. planes. If Wang Qishan had gotten on that plane, along with his secret materials, CCP would not have dared to shoot down the plane. 


Profread/Edited by: peaceforever

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