Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – lilian89

At the New York Himalaya Mountain of Spices (MOS) Chinese New Year party on the evening of Jan 29th, Miles Guo said the most excited people today are the ones who are buying Himalaya Coins.

Mr. Guo revealed that a police officer from Fujian Province said that with the Chinese New Year, he can proudly tell his family that they have a bright future because we have Himalaya Coins.

Mr. Guo explained, Himalaya Coin up 10 cents is double, up a dollar is up ten times. And we all know that Himalaya Coin can’t go back to 10 cents per coin under any circumstances.

The current price of $50 is an increase of 500 times. If we go at this rate, the day to unfreeze Himalaya Coin will be much earlier than expected.

Many people have asked Mr. Guo to help them get some Himalaya Coins and asked how much the price will go up to, and Mr. Guo replied that the price of Himalaya Coin will definitely exceed on the price of Bitcoin.

Himalaya pay is going live in a few hours and Himalaya Exchange will be the real Mountains of Spices in the world. 

Mr. Guo concluded by adding that this is a special Chinese New Year for the Whistleblower Movement’s Fellow fighters who are not vaccinated and have Himalaya Coin. They are the most hopeful group of people in the world at this moment, by staying healthy and embracing the G series.


Proread/Edited by: peaceforever

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