Translated by: MOS Education Team – RD16

At this annual celebratory event, Mr. Miles Guo ushered in the New Year by sending the people of the NFSC around the world with a warm message, and announcing the new Guo’s Seven Principles, which are the most important principles for the fellow fighters to adhere to or to strive for in 2022.

#1. Be fully committed to the mission of Take Down the CCP;

#2. Make every effort to expand the NFSC’s scope, and to make many sovereign countries recognize the NFSC;

#3. Make every effort to establish more new Himalaya farms;

#4. Rescue more fellow fighters from mainland China, while making more Chinese people aware and educate them about the NFSC;

#5. Continue to make NFSC fellow fighters’ investments in G-series appreciate more in value, while adding more investment opportunities;

#6. Unite all the justice-loving people across the world; help those vaccinated and vaccine-harmed find out the truth about the virus, and solutions to counter the poisonous COVID vaccine. To unite as many people as we can; to unite around us all those harmed by the economic crisis and the unrestricted warfare, and let them gravitate towards the truth media of the NFSC;

#7. All fellow fighters shall always act towards the same objective, and operate under one unified coordinated strategy. “To save lives, to protect wealth, and to avenge”, bearing this in mind, let us all ride out the darkest hours in human history. All fellow fighters across the world shall remain resolved in our faith, and carry out our mission without fail.


Proofread / Edited by: Rica
Chief Editor: Rica, RD16
Posted by: Gordon

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