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On January 24, the U.S. Department of Defense said two U.S. aircraft carrier strike groups sailed into the disputed waters of the South China Sea for training on the 23rd, a move the U.S. military commander said was intended to show support for regional allies and demonstrate U.S. determination to “counter malign influence”.

The Central News Agency reported that the U.S. Pentagon released a statement on the 24th that the USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 and USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 aircraft carrier strike groups launched operations in the South China Sea on the 23rd. The U.S. Department of Defense said the two carrier strike groups will conduct anti-submarine warfare, air operations, maritime interdiction and other exercise and training operations to strengthen combat readiness capabilities.

Image from Central News Agency

The statement also quoted Rear Admiral J.T. Anderson, commander of the USS Lincoln strike group, as saying, “Such operations increase our dependability, reassure our allies and partners, and demonstrate the U.S. Navy’s determination to defend regional stability and counter malign influence.”

In addition, Japan and the United States held joint training between the 17th and 22nd of this month, the Japanese side sent a large frigate Hyuga (full load displacement of 19,000 tons), the U.S. side sent the USS Carl Vinson, USS Lincoln and amphibious assault ships and destroyers, a total of 10 Japanese and American ships to participate.

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