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In his live broadcast on January 30, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo gave an in-depth analysis of the current Russia-Ukraine situation to fellow fighters. He pointed out that Xi Jinping actually has been played by Putin in this international game, and that Xi is no more than a tool in the Russian leader’s belt.

Mr. Guo elaborated that while Xi and Putin both are attempting to make incursions to the respective territories, with Taiwan being on the east, Ukraine on the west, a situation which would make it far more difficult for the U.S. to counter. But the ulterior motive behind Putin’s plan is far different from that of Xi’s, and for sure they would lead to totally different outcomes. 

Putin has been negotiating with the U.S. and Europe, using the Ukraine crisis as leverage. If the U.S. and Europe are to agree to allow Russia to deploy natural gas pipelines in Europe, Russia will have a money-maker plugged into the veins of Europeans, which will double its GDP, and push Russia’s strategic line westward by thousands of kilometers.

If Russia does make the move and invade Ukraine, it will be put under U.S. economic sanctions for a few years. However, Russia will be able to regain part of the territory lost during the Soviet era and add a strategic advantage on the western front.

Xi Jinping’s ambition of invading Taiwan, on the other hand, derives from satisfying his foolish dream of being a one-in-1000-years ruler. Once the CCP makes its kinetic move against Taiwan, regardless of a conventional hot war or a nuclear one, there is 0 chance for the CCP to win, and it’ll only trigger the collapse of China’s GDP, along with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in China. Mr. Guo stressed that a war between Russia and Ukraine would accelerate the showdown between Europe and the CCP, because it has become crystal clear to the Europeans that Putin’s pompous hardline attitude mostly is due to the CCP’s financial backing. Hence, to take down the CCP will undoubtedly be the most effective way to solve this Russian-Ukraine crisis.


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