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A U.S. physician organization that provided free telemedicine services to COVID-19 (CCP virus) patients during the outbreak said early treatment of COVID-19-infected patients using low-cost drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine was highly effective and had a 99.99 percent recovery rate, the Epoch Times reported Jan. 27.

At a January 24 roundtable discussion moderated by Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson, Dr. Ben Marble, founder of myfreedoctor.com, an online medical consultation service, reportedly revealed that they have a team of pro bono doctors who are volunteers who donate their time to help treat those infected with COVID-19 (CCP Virus).

Pictured is a panel discussion on January 24, 2022 (COVID 19: A Second Opinion). (Photo from Getty Images)

Marble notes that this team of doctors provides early treatment to infected patients – Dr. Peter McCullough’s regimen, which uses drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, prednisone, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and a number of other low-cost generic drugs, with a 99.99% recovery rate.

In response, Marble said these volunteer doctors on the myfreedoctor.com website, who offer their services pro bono, have established the science of treating infected people early.

It is reported that this early treatment protocol for COVID-19 (CCP virus) after infection, developed by renowned cardiologist Peter McCullough and several internists, was published in the American Journal of Medicine in August 2020.

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