Translated by: MOS Education Team – RD16

A few weeks ago, this column aired a series of videos to counter the insidious lies spun out by the HBO/VICE program, which, in essence, is a long-planned smear campaign against Mr. Miles Guo, the Whistleblower Movement, the mission of the NFSC, and the Chinese people. 

Despite knowing that the Whistleblower Movement did have the full video recording of the interview, the HBO/VICE crew still deliberately edited, took things out of the context, sliced and cherry-picked the content to feed into their purpose of distorting the truth and fabricating lies. From today onwards, we will be showing another series of short videos which expose the lies of HBO/VICE.

Based on the facts collected from the Whistleblower Movement’s journey during the past 5 years, based on the actions taken and the hard-earned credibility accumulated by the Whistleblower Movement, we will expose the insidious motive of HBO/VICE, and that it poses as a serious journalism outlet, with a CCP’s running dog and an ill-intended propaganda machine. Let’s take a look at Part 1, Expose the Elaborate Lies of HBO/VICE.

Proofread / Edited by: Rica
Chief Editor: Rica, RD16
Posted by: Gordon

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