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As a wealthy and democratic country, the US supposedly should have a sufficiently-funded and well-run healthcare industry than many other countries. One would expect treatments for the CCP virus (that is, the COVID) to be scientific and reasonable. However, a U.S. registered nurse working in critical care testified at a Senate hearing, and exposed that the influence and collusion of Big Pharma is omnipresent in many U.S. hospitals. The protocols for treating Covid patients are so ridiculous that safe and effective drugs such as Ivermectin have been smeared and banned.. In contrast, medications like Remdesivir, ineffective and expensive, actually even shown with detrimental effects such as kidney damage, are used in large quantities.

Prescribing Remdesivir actually is encouraged by 20% kickbacks in hospitals. In addition, many patients were not promptly treated, and many medical facilities even found themselves struggling with proper food and drinking water supplies.

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