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On January 27, the European Union filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization against Communist China, stressing that the discriminatory trade practices of Communist China against Lithuania have affected the entire EU supply chain.

According to the Central News Agency (CNA), the EU stated that in recent months the customs of Communist China (CCP) has refused to clear Lithuanian goods and rejected Lithuanian import applications, and also put pressure on enterprises of other EU member states to remove Lithuanian products from their supply chains when exporting to Communist China.

In response, the EU filed a lawsuit against the Chinese Communist Party at the WTO. Valdis Dombrovskis, the EU executive commissioner in charge of trade affairs, said on the 27th that the lawsuit was not a rash step, but a failure in repeated attempts to solve the problem bilaterally, and the EU believes that there is no other way but to request WTO dispute settlement.

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On the same day, EU Ambassador to the WTO João Aguiar Machado also sent a letter to the Chinese Ambassador to the WTO Li Chenggang, stating that Communist China has imposed import bans, export bans and service restrictions on Lithuania. These measures relate to goods or services originating from or destined for Lithuania in question and have affected the entire EU supply chain.

Last year, Lithuania offended the Chinese Communist Party by setting up a Taiwan representative office in the country and was subsequently subjected to strong diplomatic and economic pressure by the Chinese Communist Party in retaliation.

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