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The Central News Agency (CNA) reported on January 24 that Australian Prime Minister Morrison’s WeChat official account, which was displayed under his real name, was renamed “Australia China New Life” without his consent, and that the content shared on the public page was turned into propaganda posts for the CCP government.

The Daily Telegraph reported on its front page on January 24 that Scott Morrison’s WeChat account, which has 76,000 followers, had been renamed “Australia China New Life” without the knowledge of himself or the Australian government.

It is reported that the photo of Morrison that originally appeared on the account has been taken down, and the account has been changed to share propaganda texts from the CCP government.

Reports indicate that the Morrison government used to commission an agency based in Communist China to handle the WeChat website and regularly share information from the Australian government on a weekly basis. An unnamed Australian government official confirmed that the agency had been unable to access the WeChat site since July of last year. Although the agency has tried to negotiate with WeChat and request that Morrison’s account be restored, to no avail.

In addition, fans of Morrison’s WeChat official account received a notice in January that if they did not quit tracking the official account within a day, they would automatically become fans of the new page they were tracking.

In response, James Paterson, chairman of Australia’s parliamentary security and intelligence committee, said the theft of Morrison’s WeChat official account was a serious matter and conclusive evidence of the extension of Communist China control over speech overseas and political interference in democratic countries.

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He believes the theft of Morrison’s WeChat official account shows the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to block Morrison’s communication channels with Chinese Australians.

Paterson reminded that although Morrison’s WeChat official account was stolen; in contrast, the WeChat accounts of Australian politicians in the opposition Labor Party are still functioning normally and are still able to share content attacking the ruling Liberal National Party Coalition.

Paterson called on Australian politicians to take the initiative to boycott WeChat. He said it was unacceptable for foreign governments to interfere in Australia’s democratic politics and to disrupt public debate in Australia.

Peter Jennings, executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), argued that the tampering with Morrison’s WeChat official account was an “anti-democratic” act that must be “taken very seriously”.

Jennings reminded that there is a general election coming up in Australia this year, and the timing of the incident seems to suggest that this was political interference practiced against Australia. He believes it is unlikely that the theft of Morrison’s WeChat official account was the result of a hack and then WeChat administrators ignoring the Australian government’s request to restore the account. He believes that this was a blatant intervention by the Chinese Communist Party and a deliberate act of provocation.

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