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Speaking at an event hosted by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University on Jan. 31, 2022, George Soros predicted that President Xi Jinping might fail in getting his much anticipated and historic third term later this year. Soros cites China’s real estate crisis, the spread of the virus, enemies within the party and the declining birth rate are risk factors for Xi Jinping’s grip on power.

Soros said, “Given the strong opposition within the CCP, Xi Jinping’s carefully choreographed elevation to the level of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping may never occur.”

“There is a fight brewing within the CCP that is so sharp that it has found expression in various party publications,” Soros said. “Xi is under attack from those who are inspired by Deng Xiaoping’s ideas and want to see a greater role for private enterprise.”

The real estate market, which was the main engine of China’s economic growth, faces turmoil that posts another risk for his third term in office. Replacing Xi is to “remove the greatest threat that open societies face today,” Soros said.

It is well-known that Soros represents the global interest group and has gained a lot of money by colluding with the Chinese Communist Party. He is a member of the dark forces and global interest group that have exploited and oppressed ordinary Chinese people for decades. His remarks have shown that Xi Jinping’s administration has seriously impacted the interests of globalists and CCP kleptocrats.

Xi Jinping’s failure of attempting to elevate his stature in the party’s history has brought strong opposition by these forces. If Xi Jinping is re-elected in the 20th National Assembly, then these people’s good days are numbered. Many CCP officials will go to jail, and those dark forces and globalists represented by Soros will not get any benefit from China. So these people will definitely unite and do everything they can to stop Xi Jinping from being re-elected in the 20th Congress.

Xi Jinping wants to be an authoritarian dictator like Mao Zedong or Stalin. If he gets his historic third term, China will undoubtedly become a giant version of North Korea. So, the best ending is mutually assured destruction between the CCP kleptocrats and overseas dark forces. Then under international supervision, the Chinese people will embrace democracy.

source: 索罗斯说四大危机会导致习近平连任不成功 – GNEWS

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