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In the Grand Live Broadcast on January 30, Miles Guo analyzed the possibility of war in Ukraine and Taiwan, and pointed out that with the outbreak of the vaccine disaster and the economic collapse, war will most likely become a means for politicians to avoid accountability and trial. Communist China will be the target of all.

Miles broke the news that Putin made a gesture of attacking Ukraine while proposing the terms of peace talks aimed at sending gas pipelines to Europe and, moreover, requiring the EU to recognize in writing that Europe is not expanding eastward. Whether fighting or not, Putin is a winner.

In contrast, Xi’s approach to Taiwan is motivated by political ambition, the hopes to be a modern version of Qin Shihuang, the thousand-year-old sovereign ruler, and to consolidate Xi’s kingdom. If Xi doesn’t attack Taiwan, Communist China faces increasingly severe internal and external economic pressure, otherwise if Taiwan  was attacked, the U.S, Europe and Japan will participate in the war as observers to end the war in the shortest possible time. Even if the U.S. NATO does not enter the war, there will be severe economic sanctions.

At present, the world is beginning to realize that vaccines cause far more disasters than viruses. The medical and scientific fields are coming forward to expose the truth about the vaccine holocaust. The truckers in the U.S. and Canada have driven a global anti-totalitarian movement. The catastrophe under vaccine politics, vaccine military, and vaccine economy is in full swing. National politicians who push vaccines will be held accountable by an angry public, and these politicians will inevitably start wars to protect themselves.

Miles reveals that Europe has realized that the war in Ukraine essentially stems from the CCP’s economic support for Russia. To solve the crisis in Ukraine, the CCP must be destroyed first.

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