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In light of the continuing geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, as well as the risk of a war between Russia and Ukraine, U.S. influential federal bipartisan senators announced on January 30 that they had reached a consensus on a bill related to sanctions against Russia, ensuring that as long as Russia sends troops into Ukraine, its economy will be “fatally destroyed,” since the United States will not repeat the appeasement of the eve of World War II.

According to Deputy Secretary of State Nuland, the White House is working closely with the Senate to ensure that should sanctions be imposed, the relevant measures will be in line with those of the EU to make Russia feel “difficult to ignore.” The United States and Russia are set to meet again this week.

Moreover, the British government previously stated that if Russia invades Ukraine, the UK will sanction companies with links to the Russian government, including all the pivotal members of the ruling group around Putin. Kremlin spokesman Peskov responded: The British government’s moves not only target Russian companies but also destroy the investment environment in the UK, which will worsen the tense situation in Europe. He warned at a press conference that any similar moves would be retaliated by Russia based on its own interests.

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