Peddington, Himalaya Italy

Before about one month towards lunar new year, there is a unique hot word, pay  arrears.

From the boss to sales, from the financial to service, all employees have nothing tod out focus on arrears. The method for demands of arrears to pay are out of most westerns mind: by video on social media, messages on social media.

Even me, has never noticed that this absurd payment term in China that is totally different from foreign trade. For instance, most European contract there are like below:

• 30% of the contract price at the formation of the contract

• within 10 days nett

• before production start-up

• 30% of the contract price after 50% of production planning

• within 10 days nett

• 40% of the contract price before dispatch from seller


• 30% of the contract price at the formation of the contract

• 70% of the contract price against an irrevocable Letter of Credit according to seller draft application in the favour of seller advised

through and available with ING Bank N.V. (INGBNL2AXXX), payable at sight against shipping documents and the option to may add confirmation. The Letter of Credit must be

received by our banker 30 days after the formation of the contract.

Hence, at least, during my carrer, never I have seen arrear.

Contrastingly, in the terms of payment of domestic business contract, the most  are :

30% down payment;

30% before shipment;

30% after commission;

10% warranty.

The third 30%, after commission is hard issue, because the service engineer could not find people in charge of buyer to sign the commission certificate , so does the 10% of warranty.

These two reasons make chaos of domestic business activities a lot, few people perceive that is the CCP system necessary to manipulate people busy on these annoyances to exhaust people life and keep its regime. It’s chaos that designed by CCP.