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Deputy Secretary of State Jose Fernandez will leave on January 30 to visit Vilnius, Lithuania, and Brussels, Belgium, to express the United States’ strong support for Lithuania and to discuss bilateral economic cooperation with European Union officials to counter political pressure and economic coercion from the CCP government, according to a statement issued by the State Department, VOA reported on January 29.

The statement noted that the two sides will discuss the implementation of a memorandum of understanding totaling $600 million to expand opportunities for cooperation between U.S. exporters and Lithuanian buyers in high-tech manufacturing, business services, and renewable energy, and with the EU Trade and Technology Committee, to discuss transatlantic trade and investment to stem China’s rising global influence.

Image taken from Voice of America

The statement also said that economic coercion by the Chinese Communist Party has violated international trade and economic agreements and should not be permitted, and that Taiwan will cooperate with other like-minded partners such as Lithuania and the European Union to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from taking economic and diplomatic coercive measures and to maintain the rules-based international trade system.

Taiwan’s representative office in Lithuania was inaugurated in Vilnius on November 18, 2021. The CCP government continues to exert strong pressure on Lithuania’s diplomacy and trade on the grounds that the name of the representative office uses “Taiwan” and “undermines the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country”, and even asks European companies to exclude Lithuania from the supply chain.

The Office of Economic and Trade Negotiations of the Executive Yuan of Taiwan also issued a statement Friday evening saying that it fully supports the EU and Lithuania in their opposition to the improper practices of economic coercion by the Chinese Communist Party.

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