Written by: Ermat

In the live broadcast on February 2, Mr. Guo Wengui said that the rules of the currency game have completely changed, and that Hpay allows Hcoin to be traded peer-to-peer, without intermediaries, without fees, without centralization, without limit on the amount, without pricing rules, without conditions, it is safe, easy, and can be transmitted in seconds. You can buy the sky, the land, and the airplane. It can truly realize that I am the master of my wealth.

At a time when the world is in recession and stocks are plummeting, our Hcoin has risen five hundred times. At a time when it is harder to spend money than to earn it all over the world, we can spend it without barriers. Brothers and sisters, it was actually very hard, really harder than climbing to heaven! But we did it, and it’s because of the New Federal State of China.

The launch of Hpay has been a real game changer in terms of currency. A foreign friend of Mr. Guo’s in the UK and her girlfriend in Greece have repeatedly sent and received money through Hpay in seconds, without a single fee. This friend felt it was unbelievable. A 93-year-old fellow fighter in Taiwan also used her own cell phone to transfer over $1 million through Hpay. The heart of these features is the unconditional transaction and payment that is the instinct for human wealth.

Fellow fighters, in the past if you wanted to buy a car you would encounter multiple restrictions such as: needing a driver’s license, residence address, and then wiring money to the bank. And now we can pay online, as long as we agree with each other, whether it is to buy a car or to buy a painting, it can be done instantly. It’s called an agreed-upon payment, and it has nothing to do with this transaction.

People can send money to anyone through Hpay in the future, without giving a reason. It’s my wealth, and I have the right to control and access it. That’s the most basic attribute of wealth. And the era of setting identification, age, and source of funds for it is the darkest financial era of mankind. It will produce too many falsehoods. There will be a lot of artificially set up for all kinds of legal terms, all kinds of legal barriers, and they do not want you to know.

All transactions in the world have transaction fees. But we have zero transaction fees. It’s for you to spend money freely in the future. Nobody will be able to find out about these transactions. Never mind the police and the taxman, the future of second, third, and fourth generation encrypted payment systems will make sure that no one can find the money and it’s legal. As long as you are legal, there will never be anyone who can put you in trouble.

The first generation of virtual currency systems is called decentralized. We call it a decentralized payment currency system with no physical behavior. As if it is in the air, physically it never happens, there is no physical contact. You can buy the moon,  buy the sun, and there is no limit to the amount you can buy if you want. And now if you transfer 10,000 yuan of money, the authorities will check out all your background.

Mr. Guo said that trade transactions without pricing rules are the most primitive and the highest realm. It is shadowless. We absolutely have to reflect that I am in charge of my wealth.


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