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Speaking at an online event at the World Economic Forum, Kristalina Georgiewa, director general of the International Monetary Fund, said that strict epidemic control measures have proven to be a burden for both the Chinese and world economies, and called on the CCP to abandon its current “Zero-COVID” epidemic control policy, Deutsche Welle reported on Jan. 22.

She pointed out that the policy of “zero tolerance” for cases of the CCP virus (COVID) and the continued shutdown of factories with cases are one of the reasons for the slowdown in national economic growth.

The Reuters report also points out that even if there are only a few cases of infection, the Chinese Communist Party will take a very inhumane response, resulting in the closure of major cities or the suspension of operations at important trading ports.

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Professor Tobias Kurth, director of the Institute of Public Health at the Charité Hospital of Humboldt University of Berlin, said during a talk show on Deutsche Welle TV that “zero infection” is an impossible goal against the backdrop of the global spread of the Omicron variant, and that “it is only possible to minimize the number of infections, or to respond as flexibly as possible to the changing situation, to detect clusters of infections early, to detect them through testing and to isolate them”.

Although there is still a “lockdown” policy in Communist China (CCP), the inactivated vaccine used by the CCP is widely regarded internationally as having low protection against the highly infectious Omicron variant, despite the high rate of vaccination against the COVID.

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