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In Miles Guo’s live broadcast on January 24th, Miles once again interpreted the future and influence of the Himalaya Coin (H-Coin).

Miles mentioned that every time the New Federal State of China (NFSC) holds discussions with national governments on the topic of H-Coin, participants are amazed by the genius design of H-Coin.

In response, Miles pointed out that when H-Coin operates its borderless payment system in the future, especially after the cold wallet and hot wallet are included in the system, anyone in the world can trade H-Coin at any time. And no one or institution can control the H-Coin owned by individuals or stop H-Coin from circulating into the market – this is what makes H-Coin unique. In addition, once it went into circulation, whether it’s bread, gasoline, or a private jet could all be paid by H-Coin.

Another value of H-Coin will be reflected after its circulation is completed via H-Pay. At that time, the Himalaya trading system will launch a series of financial services such as H-Insurance, H-Finance, H-Loans, H-Mortgage, etc.

Meanwhile, Miles emphasized again that the future of digital currency must be decentralized. The core values of future digital currency depending on the person in charge, KYC, and whether it has Stablecoin.

In the end, Miles concluded by clarifying that NFSC’s brothers-in-arms currently own 670 million H-Coins, and their interests must be prioritized. This is also the prerequisite for any individual or institution to invest in H-Coin, that is, not to strive for fame or wealth with brothers-in-arms.

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