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In the online Spring Festival Gala on January 31st, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that the CCP offered an unimaginable amount of money in an attempt to prevent the launch of HPay. However, the android app of HPay has successfully gone live.

According to Mr. Miles, the political and economic situation in the world will change dramatically after the Beijing Winter Olympics. He said that Russia will implement the use of the RMB. And this may force the wealthy people in the country to transfer their wealth to the Himalaya Exchange. The launch of HPay has made it impossible to carry out counterparty transactions of bulk crude oil and natural gas via HCoin and HDollar. The institution has already successfully implemented several transactions with custom values using HCoin.

Mr. Miles predicted that Russia and Ukraine will definitely be the largest markets for the circulation of HCoin, and Japan will be the second-largest application market for HCoin and HDollar.

With the world’s most secure information system in the Himalaya Exchange, the security of the number of HCoins owned by users and the information security of HCoin transactions are guaranteed. The successful launch of HPay is a sign that both HPay and HCoin will be on top of all digital currency.

HPay is safe and convenient to use and is a powerful tool to break the world’s tyranny. The successful launch of HPay has paved the way for the money the CCP took from the people to be back in circulation.

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