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The Spring Festival Gala

It is a custom for Chinese people to watch a celebration programme commonly known as the Spring Festival Gala on the national CCTV channel annually on the eve of Chinese New Year. Viewership of this propaganda programme is generally much lower in places that were already affluent and developed before the CCP took power. More people in northern parts of China tend to watch this gala than in southern parts of China. On New Year’s Eve, people in China are forced to watch this Spring Festival Gala when they switch on the TV because there simply isn’t anything else interesting to watch.

To obtain a chance to perform in the Spring Festival Gala, singers and actors/actresses have to bribe officials with sexual activities or money or both. The more important the bribed official is, the higher the chance the celebrity will appear in the gala.

The west ever did a study on the Spring Festival Gala. Inferring from this yearly TV programme, the study concluded that everything ranging from personal behaviour, thoughts to political understanding is being carefully social engineered in China.

Unknown to the public, underaged female performers are not allowed to go home after the event celebration has ended. Instead, they are chauffeured to a secret location where many paedophiles will rape them in a mass orgy manner. Many of them are also threatened not to inform their parents about the rape. Anybody who treasures life should stay far away from communism and socialism.

The Winter Olympics

Zhangjiakou, the location where the Winter Olympics will be held, is considered to have poor feng shui. That location is the place where multiple wars had been lost in history. According to miles, the CCP having chosen Zhangjiakou to host the Olympics is an act of self-mutilation.

80% of the people planning and organising this Olympics is from the CCP military. Some of these military personnel will be present during the Olympics carrying electro-shock weapons (not tasers) capable of incapacitating anyone within 100m. Many places are also equipped to release a colourless and odourless gas that can sedate all people within a 500m diameter. Athletes interacting with any piece of electronic gadget such as a camera will risk having their bio-information such as DNA stolen. The CCP is also targeting to harvest the sperms and eggs of these athletes, and the harvesting will be done unbeknown to the victims. So far, not one top athlete has signed up for this China Olympic; all athletes who joined are of the second rate. The New Federal State of China already has people infiltrated in the Olympics and will ensure the Olympics will not go as smoothly as the CCP has anticipated.

Himalaya Pay

The successful launching of Himalaya Pay (a Himalaya Exchange payment platform) on the first day of the Lunar New Year came as a shock to the CCP. The CCP had spent too much money and effort to sabotage HPay from becoming a reality.

A person can use HPay to purchase things such as a car or a painting. HPay also supports overseas money transfers with HDO/HCN. All of these can be done without incurring any service or processing cost. Any point-to-point transaction is performed without a middleman, unlike credit cards where the middleman is VISA or Mastercard. In future generations of HPay, any transaction between two willing parties will be made untraceable. No one, not even the government, can get any user’s account or transaction information. This is dubbed as the non-physical centralisation model of digital currency. All transactions within the HPay ecosystem are totally safe and without geographical boundaries.

Initially, the Federal Reserve and the central banks from various countries were against the launching of HPay. With much effort, the United States government finally authorised HPay to be used in the United States. Now Himalaya Pay can be found in Android and IOS. HPay is one crucial part of the overall strategy to bring down the CCP. New Federal States of China members are encouraged to promote the usage of HPay and think of creative ways to further expand the boundary of HPay utilisation.

Source: Miles Guo’s 2nd Feb 2022 Broadcast on GETTR and GTV

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