【Japan Himalaya League】 Author: Youlanzide  Translator: Ganxieguoshu

On February 1, the Japanese lower house of parliament passed a resolution expressing concerns about human rights issues in Communist China, including the way the CCP authorities treat Uighur Muslims and Hong Kong.

According to a Central News Agency report, the resolution passed by the Japanese lower house on the same day expressed “serious concerns about the human rights” situation in Communist China, the Xinjiang region, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Inner Mongolia, and called on the government to take a positive position on human rights issues in Communist China.

This picture shows the Xinjiang re-education camp. (Photo from the Associated Press)

In addition, the Japanese government, which has always been cautious, has repeatedly expressed “serious concerns” about Hong Kong’s electoral system as the CCP tightens its control over Hong Kong and sets off large-scale democracy demonstrations there.

In December last year, Japan said it would not send a government delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics concerning human rights in Communist China and called on the CCP to respect human rights and the rule of law.

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北京冬奧前夕 日本國會通過關切中國人權決議

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