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1. Large-Scale Vaccination by the Self-Defense Forces Starts on the 31st

According to NHK reported on Jan 30, in order to speed up the process of administering the third dose of the CCP virus(Covid-19) vaccine, the Ministry of Defense has set up two large-scale venues run by Self-Defense Forces in Tokyo and Osaka, of which vaccinations will begin in Tokyo on March 31 at the Joint Government Building in Otemachi. On the 30th, Deputy Defense Minister Oniki visited the venue in Tokyo and told the SDF doctors and nurses who will be administering the vaccinations, “In light of the rapid spread of infection, it is necessary to further increase the pace of vaccination”.

2. North Korea Was Possible to Launch a Ballistic Missile with Medium or Longer Range

According to NHK, in response to North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno held a second press conference on the morning of the 30th, indicating that based on the maximum altitude and range of the missile, it was likely to have been a ballistic missile with a medium or longer range. “We have been closely exchanging views with US and South Korea on how to deal with North Korea, and after this launch, we have been confirming our cooperation with these countries through various channels. We will continue to work closely with the Japan and US, Japan , US and South Korea,” he said.

3. Additional Measures to Control Petrol Prices, Says METI Minister Hagiuda

According to Kyodo news, METI Minister Koichi Hagiuda told reporters in Tomakomai, Hokkaido on Jan 29, “Measures are being implemented within the limited financial resources of the supplementary budget, so the maximum amount is 5 yen, but if the situation continues to have a significant impact on people’s lives, we will have to consider additional measures”, he said. The government’s control measures include subsidies of up to 5 yen per liter for petrol, paraffin, diesel and fuel oil to be paid to main sellers in order to keep retail prices down.

4. Lowering the Age of Adulthood but Maintaining the 20+ Age Requirement for Major Bank Card Loans

According to NHK reported on Jan 30, the age of adulthood will be lowered to 18 from April this year, but major banks will maintain the current requirement for card loans to be available to those aged 20. Card loans are also offered by many consumer credit companies, and in line with the lowering of the age of adulthood, Financial Services Agency and Japan Money Lenders Association are requiring companies to verify documentation of income status when lending to people under the age of 20, regardless of the amount.

5.Some Companies Review Parental Consent for Part-Time Jobs

According to NHK reported on Jan 30, In response to the lowering of the age of adulthood to 18 in April this year, some companies, including major food service companies, are reviewing the parental consent they require when hiring 18 and 19 year old for part-time work. The Civil Code states that a contract with a minor without parental consent can be cancelled, and with the lowering of the age of adulthood, anyone over 18 will be treated as an adult and will not be at risk of having their contract canceled.

6. Four Japanese Companies to Sue US IT Firm for Providing Manga for Pirated Sites

According to Asahi news reported on Jan 30, Kodansha, Shueisha, Shogakukan and KADOKAWA have decided to file a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court early next month against the US IT company Cloudflare, claiming that it infringes on publishers’ copyrights by distributing data from pirated manga websites. Cloudflare said in an interview, “We are not directly involved in copyright infringement. We are not the root of the problem”.

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