1. On January 27th, Suhifenhei, Heilongjiang. The only measure the government implemented to ease the pandemic was to restrict the freedom of residences in the district, no one knows if the people living inside can’t get enough access to everyday supplies. 
  2. January 27, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. As the CCP notified Hangzhou that there were confirmed new Covid cases, the CCP government began to bus away residents of the whole community for isolation.
  3. On January 27, Luotian County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province was notified by the CCP that there was a new confirmed Covid case. All residents of Luotian County were immediately required to undergo mass nucleic acid testing.
  4. Tianjing, Hebei Province. The government blocked certain regions without any prior warning, and severely restricted people’s freedom.. Many people could not return to their homes after they went out.
  5. The CCP’s anti-epidemic policy is intended to intimidate and create a sense of fear in the society, and the common people are frequently tossed around for nothing. Children are poked in the throat every day for nucleic acid testing, frightened!
  6. The CCP started another round of high-pitched propaganda to advocate nucleic acid tests of vegetables or food. This has a cynical aim: to blame the origin of the pandemic on natural causes.
  7. Since January 28, a wide range of rain and snow has occurred in mainland China and caused frequent highway traffic accidents. A multi-vehicle collision occurred on the Changde section of the Chang-Zhang Expressway.
  8. Nearly 100 vehicles collided on Fuyin Expeessway in the vicinity of Luoyang Town, Suizhou. 
  9. On January 28, a video of a mentally disturbed woman who gave birth to eight children and was chained to her hut went viral on Chinese social media.
  10. January 28, Changsha, Hunan. Another owner appeared on social media to defend his rights because the property he purchased could not be delivered as promised. For the foreseeable future, there will be thousands of cases of defaults on such properties in mainland China.

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