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Every industrial revolution has been accompanied by a management and business thinking change in human history. Every big trend comes, there are many big companies and institutions evolved. The same is for the digital transformation. The four industrial revolutions also gave birth to the new technologies and factors of production in human history. It is accompanied by innovations of management theory, methods and tools as well. Together, they promoted the development and progress of human civilizations.

During the First Industrial Revolution, Watt invented the steam engine, there were professional division of labour in society and guidance on how to distribute wealth.

The Second Industrial Revolution was the electrical revolution. It began in the end of the 19th century, It was followed by an internal combustion engine. Ford cars were produced at this time as well. It was the time to formed the core theory which were the prototypes of standard operation, standard cost and management accounting of all the western famous business and big government management in the 20th century.

The Third Industrial Revolution was the Computer Revolution. It started from the 1950 to the present. It was the world of big technology companies like Microsoft and Apple. During this time the costed practices, balanced score cards, and strategic maps etc.. started.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the current 4.0 era of industry since 2000. Shared economy and digital economy shew up after the mobile Internet in 2008, such as Uber and Didi, etc.

So what is the trend of the Fifth Industrial Revolution? It is blockchain technology like DAO, including Startup Nation and Cloud Government, The most typical example is the New China State of Federal System, it is at the forefront of the world, another one is a big Tokenization trend . This decentralized system can increase human capacity growth. comparing previous feudal era and monarchy, the people-centered decentralized model enables everyone to collaborate and empower.

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