Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – lilian89

At the New York Himalaya Mountain of Spices (MOS) Chinese New Year party on the evening of January 29, Miles Guo broke the news on the show that a brother-in-arms from Fujian Province had been taken away for a planned interrogation by the police three times. As a result, the police became a fellow fighter of New Federal State of China (NFSC) after those investigations.

The police forwarded the critical intelligence to Miles Guo via that brother-in-arms. This important breaking news is that Xi Jinping had recently visited the military’s grassroots troops to find out whether the decade-old preparations for a military strike against Taiwan were ready to be launched or not. However, Xi Jinping was so shocked on visiting the troops. Xi Jinping emotionally told the cadres around him that he did not expect such a result like that. After more than a decade of preparation to complete CCP 100-year project to take Taiwan, Xi Jinping suddenly found that none of CCP troops are expecting a war, no CCP troops would dare to fight on the frontline and CCP troops has no confidence to win. Only several PLA senior military leaders are expecting a war.

Mr. Guo said that he had already received similar information before, and the critical intelligence revealed by the Fujian police officer was again verified. It means that within the Chinese Communist Party system, nobody dares to tell the truth. Everyone knows that everything in CCP is false, but no one speaks up the truth within that system. Only Xi Jinping wants to invade Taiwan, the others have the different ideas in their minds.


Profread/Edited by: peaceforever

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