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In a grand live broadcast on Martin Luther King Day, January 17, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo talked about a lawsuit filed on April 18, 2017 by a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) agent and CEO of PAG (a private equity firm based in Hong Kong), Weijian Shan, in the New York County Supreme Court. The lawsuit, filed through the CCP’s infiltration into the US judicial system, is a vicious extension of an alleged loan dispute in which Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing borrowed $100 million from PAG in 2008.  Miles, owner of Panggu then, had paid off the principal and interest as agreed in the loan contract. Initially, the court judge dismissed the case on April 5, 2018, citing his lack of jurisdiction.

Mr. Miles Guo talks about the PAG litigation on his grand live broadcast on January 17, 2022.

However, the court reversed its ruling and re-opened the case on September 20, 2021, handing over more than 70,000 pages of so-called “evidence” and more than 300,000 pages of legal documents to Miles. Meantime, the court neither allowed Miles to choose a jury trial nor did it allow him to speak or ask questions in court, often directly finding him in contempt of court. The lack of procedural justice in the trial of the case is the same as the way the CCP-controlled Chinese procuratorate tries cases. This is a typical CCP tactic, weaponizing the legal system through abusive litigation to exhaust Miles’ energy, will, and financial resources.

Miles is well aware of the details of Weijian Shan and the CCP’s 5 years of persecution against him through the U.S. judicial system. To keep Shan and the CCP in the dark, Miles did not mention Weijian Shan prematurely so that they would continue their lawsuit. Eventually, Miles caught the big fish as they finally emerged from the water. Now he can expose the connection between Weijian Shan and the CCP as well as the shady dealings between the CCP and the eroded U.S. legal system. This case will let Americans and the whole world know how dirty and evil the CCP is, and why the CCP is a deadly threat to the United States and the world.

This case is no longer a simple financial dispute for Miles only but is deeply related to the flaws of the U.S. judicial system and racial issues. If we compromise and give up without revealing the truth about the PAG lawsuit, the CCP will get their way. Furthermore, the Chinese in the United States will lose their safety and become victims of justice. Therefore, we have no choice but to fight the PAG case to the end.

Martin Luther King changed the course of justice and democracy in the United States with his courage and perseverance. He was a light in the darkness of mankind. In fighting against the CCP, Mr. Miles Guo has spent hundreds of hours in court, confronting Guo Baosheng and Xia Yeliang, etc. who were instructed by the CCP to initiate multiple litigations, suffering great mental stress and insults from opponents. Miles not only wants to achieve justice in the U.S. courts but also to allow the brothers and sisters of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) to study the U.S. judicial system and experience its essence. In doing so, it helps to practice the concept and vision of establishing the NFSC judicial system and achieve the Chinese dream of Rule of Law.


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