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According to recent reports in the British media, a key Chinese Communist Party missile expert has fled to the United States with the assistance of Britain’s MI6 and CIA of the US.

The expert is said to be a key technology developer for the Communist Party’s hypersonic missile, the Dongfeng-17. The top-secret missile technology carried by the expert in his escape will help the United States and Britain strengthen their hypersonic missile defense systems. And the Chinese Communist Party’s hypersonic missile development field will be hit hard.

Why did the expert defect? According to the media report, the expert, despite his remarkable achievements, was suppressed within the CCP system without being promoted and defected to the West so that he could freely display his talents.

According to the commentators, as the CCP regime collapses, there will be an avalanche effect, and more elites within the CCP system will break away from the CCP and defect to the free world of the west.



中共导弹专家逃离中国投奔自由     – GNEWS

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