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On January 30th, according to his Gettr post, Mr. Bannon recently talked about the CCP’s infiltration in Central and South America in an interview with the New Federal State of China Media. Mr. Bannon emphasized that Westerners actually benefited from Miles Guo’s revelations.

Mr. Bannon explained that the West and the United States did not know much about the infiltration of the CCP in the world, and Miles was the first to point out that the CCP posed a serious threat to the Caribbean region, especially the Bahamas. According to Miles, the CCP has established a naval intelligence station in the Bahamas to monitor U.S. submarines. At the same time, the Bahamas is also an intelligence base for the CCP. In addition, the CCP sees Australia and Brazil as living spaces for agricultural products and raw materials. Therefore, the threat of the CCP is not limited to the entire South America, and has even reached Central America.

Mr. Bannon also mentioned that at present, the pressure of border invasion facing the United States is obviously related to the CCP: the CCP has colluded with Mexican drug cartels to smuggle fentanyl into the United States.

Mr. Bannon recalled that Miles was the first to remind the West to be highly vigilant about the infiltration of the CCP, starting from the revelation of the situation in the Bahamas, and the reason why former Brazilian President Lula was imprisoned was because he colluded with the CCP. Mr. Bannon believes that South and Central America is a new battleground for ideology, economics and information, and the future of Latin America is uncertain as the CCP has begun to interfere in elections in countries such as Brazil and Colombia.


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