Translated by: MOS Information Team—baoliaofen

According to London’s “Silicon Valley Current Affair”, Swedish music distribution giant Spotify has issued an official statement following a series of protests and criticism of its Internet Audio programs exposing CCP virus(Covid 19) vaccine.

“Despite of the criticism from American comedian Joe Rogan Logan, as well as the protests from Canadian pop singer Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, who are going to remove their songs from the music platform, Spotify will not cancel this Internet Audio program.”  Spotify stressed that the Audio Program exposed the dangers of the Covid 19 vaccine, on the basis of reliable information from health authorities and scientists,

Swedish music platform Spotify is one of the four major streaming music providers. Its main source of income is from third-party advertising fees and user subscriptions. Spotify’s audio programs about Covid 19 vaccine at all costs shows that the exposure of covid 19 vaccine danger to mankind is unstoppable.

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