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The people blocked by the Great Firewall shot the video of the CCP’s pandemic inspectors not recognizing the people’s own negative nucleic acid reports within 48 hours, which slapped the CCP’s policy of so-call “resolutely preventing layer-by-layer overweight and one-size-fits-all policy to reduce the impact on the production and life of the masses” on January 6.

The shooter asked at the checkpoint if the nucleic acid negative test report he had brought within 48 hours would work, and one staff member told him very aggressively that it would not work because this test was a random test for all personnel; another staff member asked the videotaker to show his ID card for the nucleic acid testing. And when being asked why the nucleic acid test report within 48 hours can not be accepted and asked to provide relevant documents, the first staff member’s attitude was brutal, without any explanation, and impatiently pointed to the shooter many times. Finally, the shooter asked: Am I considered as “returning home with malicious intent” (by CCP officers)?

This phenomenon is not an isolated case in Communist China. Even more egregious incidents occurred in Harbin, Heilongjiang. Just because the returnees came from Haidian District, Beijing, where there were infected people, the testing site only gave the option of either mandatory quarantine for 14 days or returning where you came, without even giving the option of on-site nucleic acid testing.This made the returnees with no choice but returning to Beijing with their children on the same route, losing the opportunity to reunion with their parents.

Analysts said that the CCP’s zero-clearing policy for the Winter Olympics was not as humane as the CCP’s policy portrayed, and it did not learn the slightest lesson from incidents such as the miscarriage of pregnant women in Xi’an. On the contrary, it has created extremely less traffic before the Spring Festival, arousing the dissatisfaction of people all over the country.

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