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On Jan 29th 2022, Miles Guo, founder of the New Federal State of China was invited to join MOS Farm’s“2022 Year of the Tiger New Years’ Gala” Live Broadcast as a special guest.

During the broadcast, Miles highly affirmed the achievements of the fellow fighters of MOS Farm in the past year. At the same time, Miles also gave his New Year’s wishes to the fellow fighters. Miles mentioned that MOS Farm is a team that emphasizes freedom, truth and tolerance. Since its establishment, it has continuously sent talents to the Whistleblower Movement, which can be called a talent training base for the Whistleblower Movement. In addition, MOS Farm also assisted the Himalayan Alliance Committee to complete more than 50% of the G series investment and reconciliation work of the fellow fighters – this is also due to the open, inclusive and authentic working ethics of the director “Brother Long Island “ and his rigorous, diligent and serious attitude towards legal issues.

Miles said that nourishing and helping fellow fighters is the mission of MOS Farm, and it is also the spiritual inheritance. This is exactly in line with the origin of the name Mountain of Spices, and it also reflects the real meanings of “continuation, inheritance, truth, and tolerance”. Finally, on behalf of all the fellow fighters, Miles expressed his gratitude towards “Brother Long Island” and MOS Farm for their dedication and contribution to the Whistleblower Movement. At the same time, Miles also wished MOS Farm to create more brilliance in the New Year.


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