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On January 30th, Miles Guo once again talked about the CCP virus vaccine disaster in his live broadcast.

Miles revealed that one of the fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement who has participated in “Grand Live Broadcast” in the past, whose 17-year-old child just passed away last night after being vaccinated with the CCP virus vaccine.

Afterwards, 9 other fellow fighters also told Miles the news of their family disasters caused by the side effects of the CCP virus vaccine. Miles noted that scientists estimate that the number of deaths worldwide caused by CCP virus vaccines will reach 600 to 700 million. At the same time, vaccine disasters related to politics, military and economy will start in May 2022. In this regard, Miles said that the people of all countries should wake up as soon as possible so that all politicians who implement the vaccine mandate can be completely exposed.

Subsequently, in order to balance public sentiment and maintain their political status, these politicians will inevitably lead public opinion to trace the origin of the virus, the truth of vaccines, and even war. Since then, the world will begin the process of automatically taking down the Chinese Communist Party. Miles also reminded the fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement who revealed the truths when the world is in chaos, the overseas Chinese people of the New Federal State of China should prevent the occurrence of local anti-Chinese incidents and change the way they communicate with people; while the fellow fighters within Communist China should not be the CCP’s cannon fodder.

In the end, Miles also repeatedly emphasized that the CCP is not equal to the Chinese, and the New Federal State of China is only for saving people. Therefore, we do not want to use blood and lives to prove the greatness of the Whistleblower Movement.


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