Translated by: MOS Education Team – Wintermfall

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On January 27th, according to the Australian media report, Western Australian Premier announced a new tyrannical CCP virus vaccine order: from January 31st, unvaccinated parents will not be allowed to see their sick children in hospitals.

The report mentioned that the policy is designed to use the tyranny of the CCP virus vaccine to lock unvaccinated citizens out of almost every part of life; including the public spaces which their taxes pay for, and made life more difficult for these people. However, most reasonable people called it a threat. They said that data from New South Wales, Victoria, and the rest of the world including Israel show that high vaccination rate against the CCP virus resulting from the vaccine mandates has not stopped the spread of the virus, while restricting the space of activities of unvaccinated people does not provide any protection against the CCP virus.


Proofread / Edited: Saturn
Posted by: freedom166k

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