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On Jan 24th, British media reported that British officials said about half of the embassy staff working in Kiev will return to the UK due to concerns that Russia will invade Ukraine.

Russia has stationed tens of thousands of troops on the Russian-Ukrainian border. NATO heads have warned there is a risk of new conflict in Europe. Members of the NATO alliance, including Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria and the Netherlands, are sending more fighter jets and warships to Eastern Europe to bolster defenses in the region.

Miles Guo was the first to reveal the “Double-headed Eagle” campaign orchestrated by the CCP and Russia, in which Russia would attack Ukraine, and the CCP is going to invade Taiwan. The current tensions in Ukraine fully confirm Miles’s revelations. On January 24th, Miles revealed on his live broadcast that Putin would pretend to amass troops at the border with the actual aim of taking Kiev directly in order to bring Ukraine entirely to its knees.

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