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January 29th, the Chinese Winter Olympics organizing committee announced that the daily infected cases jumped to 19 on 28th from 2 the day before and warned that the cases might be surging in the following days.

Photo from REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

The committee said in a statement: Including the athletes and officials, 36 Games-related personnel were found to be infected – 29 when they arrived at the Beijing airport and seven already in the “closed loop” bubble isolated from the public. For the first time, cases among athletes and team officials exceeded those for “other stakeholders”, including media, sponsors, and staff, since China started releasing daily numbers of Olympics-related coronavirus (CCP virus) cases on January 23.

“We are now just going through the peak period of people arriving in China and therefore we expect to see the highest numbers at this stage,” the Games’ medical chief, Brian McCloskey, told a news conference. Earlier, U.S. congressmen expressed their concerns about the athletes’ safety and health during the Games. Mr. Bannon called the Games a Super Spreader Event.

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