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The latest Seven regulations of  MilesGuo in 2022 (according to the Chinese Lunar New Year live broadcast on January 31):

  1. Concentrate all our mind to take down the CCP;
  2. Make an all-out effort to expand the recognition of the New Federal State of China by the international and national sovereignty;
  3. Go all out to build more New Federal State of Chinas farms around the world;
  4. Rescue more comrades-in-arms from CCP China, and let more people in mainland China know about New Federal State of China;
  5. Let all the comrades-in-arms in the New Federal State of China make more money and get more opportunities in the G series;
  6. Let more people in the world know the truth about the CCP virus and vaccines, and find a way to defuse the harm of vaccines; we must unite the people all over the world who are now under the economic threat of CCP and those who are persecuted by unrestricted warfare, and establish a social media platform of the whistleblower revolution which is approved by the international community.
  7. In 2022, New Federal State of China will further unify our combat goals and actions to protect our lives, wealth, and revenge. More importantly, let all comrades in-arms, brothers and sisters get through this darkest era together.
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